helping you get back to work, play, and everyday life after injury and illness

Southside's Services

Southside's team provides one-to-one manual therapy for treating the whole person rather than simply the injured area. Techniques utilized include: joint and soft tissue mobilizations, muscle energy techniques, myofascial release, strain and counterstrain, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, and the Mckenzie method, among other traditional therapeutic activities.

Patients are treated for pain and dysfunction caused by:

  1. arthritis
  2. lymphedema
  3. back and neck injuries including sacroiliac joint dysfunction and disc problems
  4. gait deficiencies and balance deficits
  5. sports injuries
  6. headaches
  7. chronic pain and fibromyalgia
  8. TMJ dysfunction
  9. craniosacral dysfunctions
  10. osteoporosis

One-on-one treatments include:

  1. manual therapy
  2. exercise and conditioning
  3. home safety and adaptive equipment
  4. mobility training
  5. musculoskeletal rehabilitation
  6. neurological rehabilitation
  7. orthopedic rehabilitation
  8. TMJ and headache pain relief
  9. senior rehabilitation
  10. discussions regarding workplace ergonomics
  11. manual lymph drainage and complete decongestive therapy using Dr. Vodder techniques

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Clinic Hours:
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Other hours may be available by appointment