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"I grew up skiing in the Canadian Rockies before relocating to call Mt. Bachelor my home mountain at the age of 7, in 1995. After making the U.S. Ski Team during my senior year in high school (in 2006), I began on a journey that has taken me around the world racing at the highest level, onto World Cup podiums, and to competing in the Olympics.


During my adventures there have been many injuries and setbacks along the way. I started seeing Jonathan Sampson at Southside Physical Therapy in 2010, and return for treatment at every possible opportunity. Jonathan has helped me align my body countless times, has given me the core strength to handle many challenges, and, most importantly, has slowly increased my body-awareness and my capabilities to heal myself with simple conscious exercises. 


With physical training for 4-10 hours a day, it is imperative to know your body in order to gain strength while staying healthy. Jonathan and Southside PT has helped me to be the best athlete I can be."

~ Laurenne Ross

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