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Hand therapy tool molding putty to work on dexterity and rotation.

healthy hands

Providing expert care to restore and preserve your optimal hand function

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Amy Houchens, CMT, COMT

With over 22 years of experience, Amy provides a vast knowledge of hand injuries, dysfunctions, repairs, and preventive therapies to keep your hands, wrists, and upper extremities healthy, strong, and free of pain.

  • Recovering from or preparing for surgery? 

  • Hoping to avoid or delay surgery? 

  • Rarely go a day without pain?

  • Or perhaps you simply want to maintain and preserve your hands' capabilities and functions as we all continue aging?

Call 541-388-2681 to schedule an appointment with Amy or request a call from us to schedule HERE.

Hand Massage

3 Reasons to See a Hand Therapist

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Hand Reaching Out

Yes, please call me to schedule an appointment with Amy Houchens!

Thank you! Someone from our office will be in touch within ONE business day to schedule your appointment.

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