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The Role of Physical Therapy in Healthy Aging

From the moment life begins, so does the process of aging. There’s a multi-million dollar industry that revolves around trying to stop, slow or reverse aging. The key, of course, is for individuals to move through the aging process in good health, which includes staying as active and mobile as possible to meet the physical challenges that can arise in later years.

In the February issue of PT in Motion, "Preparing for Old(er) Age" explores the reasons PTs and PTAs are the ideal health care providers to help the public understand how the aging process works, and the steps to stay healthy throughout life. The article also discusses the need to form healthy, active habits at a young age because our health outcomes as adults are in large part predetermined in early childhood.

With advancements in technology and medicine allowing people to live longer, it’s important that we continue to study and develop new techniques that allow people to recover properly and regain the function and mobility necessary to stay healthy for life.

In order to deliver the most advanced care and treatment options to our patients, we frequently attend continuing education seminars. We recently completed a course that covered the latest treatment concepts of the shoulder. The seminar gave us more evidence based testing and treatment techniques along with recommended exercise progression that will enable us to provide better treatment to our patients. By bringing the newest information and techniques to our patients, we’re able to help provide them with the best tools to recover quickly, combat aging and live healthy, happy lives.

To schedule an appointment with us and discuss how we can help you on the aging journey, give us a call at (541) 388-2681.

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