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Hand Health & Rock Climbing

Amy Houchens, PT and Certified Hand Therapist, has recently completed an advanced education series on movement analysis and injury treatment for rock climbing related injuries.

The majority of rock-climbing injuries occur in the hand and upper extremity but may be caused by limitations in other areas of the body in terms of flexibility, strength or technique. For example, limitations in spine, hip or lower extremity flexibility can alter the position of the body relative to the climbing surface resulting in the climber compensating by using excessive force or poor positioning resulting in strain of the upper extremities.

The specialized knowledge of a hand therapist combined with the ability to analyze movement of the entire body and rock-climbing technique is particularly useful in treating injuries in the rock-climbing population.

In addition to a comprehensive evaluation of the injury site, Amy has learned how to perform a variety of assessments related to rock climbing and how to use video analysis for management and prevention of injury.

Call to schedule your comprehensive evaluation with Amy Houchens and start reaching new heights in your climbing adventures! Southside Physical Therapy: 541-388-2681


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