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Southside Physical Therapy has moved to a new space located at 121 NW Greenwood Avenue, Suite 101, between Hill and Harriman Streets. The new clinic includes five private patient treatment rooms, a new gym area, and a spacious reception room complete with tea and coffee. Southside Physical Therapy also has ample designated parking spots reserved for patients and visitors.

Faced with their lease being up for renewal at the former location on Wilson Ave, owners Jonathan and Morag Sampson searched for a building that would accommodate a larger gym space and spacious treatment rooms while still remaining centrally located in Bend.

“Our new clinic has a professional yet comfortable feel to it. The addition of new exercise equipment and gym space to our 5 private treatment rooms gives us more flexibility to treat our patients as effectively as possible”, says Morag Sampson. “We are really enjoying our new neighborhood and the businesses around us. We look forward to meeting more of the people who live and work in the area.”

To schedule an appointment in the new clinic, contact Southside Physical Therapy Inc at (541) 388-2681 or visit


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